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Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

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SALZ Design OG

Brandhofgasse 16/5, 8010 Graz, Austria

+43 (0) 644 9229 891

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FN 530295x

Terms & Conditions

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Privacy Policy:
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General Terms & Conditions

  1. Salz Design OG (hereinafter referred to as SALZ) conducts business exclusively in accordance with the General Terms and Conditions set out below. Any ancillary or contrary agreements come into force subject to separate written agreements. Oral collateral agreements containing provisions which deviate from the General Terms and Conditions are invalid in any event.

  2. SALZ’s quotations and estimates remain binding for a period of 15 days. If an order is placed after this time has elapsed, SALZ’s reserves the right to re-examine the offer and make any adjustments, where applicable.

  3. An invoice is submitted at the end of each project stage (called ‘Phase’) and is due for settlement within 15 days’ net. It is understood that a 1% default interest per month shall be charged for overdue payment. SALZ ‘s shall retain the title to all creative work supplied to the Client until payment has been made in full. If a Client places an order for the first time, 50% of the sum due for the respective stage of the project is payable in advance. An order can be cancelled at any time with 30 days’ notice. All costs incurred up to the time of the cancellation will be invoiced, plus all charges due by the end of the cancellation term as indicated in the quotation.

  4. All rights of use are assigned to the Client upon placing the order, provided the Client fulfils its payment obligations on time and in full. If several proposals (alternative designs) are submitted, only one design as selected by the Client is covered by the fee. Where several alternative designs are selected, a separate fee shall be charged for each variation. SALZ may make unrestricted use elsewhere of any designs which are not employed. The Client is obliged to treat such designs as confidential and is not allowed to avail itself of proposals which it has not adopted or make them available to third parties.

  5. SALZ’s and the Client pledge not to divulge to any third parties any corporate secrets which may come to its knowledge during the course of their cooperation.

  6. SALZ in no way guarantees the novelty of the artwork or is liable for the risk of the technical workability, the technical construction, the use or economic feasibility.

  7. The Client acknowledges that the services offered by SALZ do not include any investigation of third-party intellectual property rights including any searches of patent or trademark databases. Consequently, SALZ shall have no obligation to investigate the existence of any third-party intellectual property rights, and SALZ expressly disclaims constructive knowledge of any third-party intellectual property rights.

  8. SALZ is allowed, without restrictions in time and place, to use the Client’s name, the logo and the products created by SALZ under reference to their partnership in PR and advertising. However, the created products only as soon as they have been published by the Client in any form. The Client is entitled to an editorial right of veto.

  9. The Client is liable for all texts, graphic elements and designs supplied or provided by itself and it pledges to indemnify SALZ against, or exempt it from, any third-party claims.

  10. All designs created by SALZ are protected by copyright and may only be used within the designated scope. Modifications to the proposed designs are subject to consultation with SALZ. Irrespective of the rights of use to which the Client is entitled, the original designs and drawings shall remain the rightful property of SALZ. SALZ is entitled to any patentable inventions made by SALZ while processing the order. However, SALZ undertakes to offer the Client the option of buying or utilising the patent rights. In this case, SALZ is still to be named as the inventor.

  11. The Client is not permitted to assign rights arising from this contract, either gratuitously or for a consideration, without SALZ’s written consent.

  12. Subject to any contradictory agreements, SALZ is not bound by restrictions of any kind with regard to the processing of the same or similar projects from different clients.

  13. SALZ is entitled to claim a complimentary author’s copy from the Client. In so far as the relevant costs for materials exceed the sum of EUR 5.000,00, the Client pledges to provide SALZ with a specimen copy at the manufacturer’s price on request.

  14. For travels on behalf of the Client inside the European Union SALZ flights Economy Class. Any flight outside of the European Union is subject of separate terms & conditions and has to be agreed and signed off by the Client. Train tickets will be booked and charged in First class. To secure cost transparency the vouchers and receipts will be attached to invoices.

  15. In terms of clearance and shipping (e.g. frames, clay bases or other physical parts) from the Client to SALZ the incoterm DDU/DDP will be used. For shipping from SALZ to the Client (e.g. shipping the show model) the incoterm EXW will be used. In general, the Client is responsible for deliveries from and to SALZ.

  16. For all disputes arising out of the contractual agreement between SALZ and the Client, the parties agree on the exclusive responsibility of the relevant court of the City of Graz as the place of litigation.

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